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FTB Loans aka FollowTheBlueprint Loans is a revolutionary commercial mortgage made to simply help investors do what they do best, INVEST! Whether purchasing the next property or pulling cash on an existing property to help you grow and scale your business this loan product has quickly grown to be an investor favorite nationwide, FTB Loans are ideal for residential 1-4, multi-family, mixed-use and small commercial properties.

The Blueprint Group, Inc. has been funding investors for over 10 years and through our vast networks of private equity lenders we have identified the best of the best mortgage investors who really understand what investors need in this forever changing climate. Making the process easier to get pre approved and get funded has been the driving force with the development of the FTB Loans. Literally all you have to do is Follow The Blueprint…

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Blueprint To Funding


Step 1

Complete either a residential 1003 application or short 2 page application and send us a copy of your self monitoring credit report. Websites like and are platforms we recommend This step will get you a same day pre approval term sheet you can use to submit for your offers. So again application and credit. That's it. Call us for our 2 pages if the 1003 is too much for ya!


Step 2

Once you have reviewed and accepted the terms listed out in your term sheet you simply send us an email with the contact info of the closing attorney you want to use for closing, pay for the appraisal, and if its a purchase a copy of the Purchase and Sales agreement.

Group 204

Step 3

The Final Step in our process is your standard Underwriting conditions you may expect to see from other lenders. The one major perk though is we will never ask to verify any of your personal or business income. That means no tax returns or 4506-T forms need to be submitted, ever!

What you need to know

Common conditions include but are not limited to the following:

Updated Insurance Binder with proper investor coverages

If you are closing in an entity we will need to see articles of inc, operating agreement, EIN status

Verification of any mortgages that report on your credit, to insure you are current

Copy of a Driver's License & Social Security Card

Copy of any leases in place

Title report from your closing attorney

These are the most common conditions we look for and there could be additional items requested depending on a borrowers particular situation.


So, Why Blueprint Loans?

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Our team will guide through every step of this process so you will never be alone in trying to figure out what is next or needed to close.

With our very streamlined process we can fund investors up to $5M on average in 21 days!

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